It looks like there’s “trouble on the horizon” for Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC’s reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, said Perez Hilton. Us Magazine recently snapped photos of Mr. Gosselin outside of Legends Lounge in Wernersville, Pa., “sans wedding band with an unknown woman that was most definitely not” his wife.

This “isn't the first time a cheating scandal has confronted the couple,” said Jarett Wieselman in the New York Post. Just a couple months ago, “several students at Juanita College rebuffed Jon's advances even though he reportedly told them ‘he was getting divorced.’” But it “should be interesting to see how much of this drama plays out in front of the cameras.”

Well, Jon Gosselin is claiming that the woman he was seen with outside of the bar was just a friend, said The Hollywood Gossip, which might be true. But even if he was “straying” a bit, “it would be hard to blame the guy”—after all, “Gosselin has eight children and one very nagging wife.”