Carrie Prejean hasn’t just “made an enemy of” blogger Perez Hilton over her anti–gay marriage comments during the Miss USA pageant, said Jocelyn Vena in, Miss California has “also started a conversation among many notable celebrities.” Now pop starlets Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears have joined the debate by taking “to Twitter to support gay marriage.”

This is a bit surprising, said Celebitchy, seeing as “both Miley and Britney are known for their Southern Baptist faith.” But I’m really “proud” of them both for coming out “unequivocally for same-sex marriage and gay rights in general,” even at the risk of alienating their Christian fans.

Come on, said Japhy Grant in Queerty, this discussion has turned “into a three-ring circus.” We’d much rather “see the gay civil-rights debate occur in the streets and in public forums” than among celebrities on Twitter. And although we disagree with Prejean, the “less we engage in conversation and the more we simply hurl barbs at our opponents, the more entrenched everyone gets in their own positions.”