Tila Tequila just had “her first brush with some very scary, and potentially dangerous, fan attention,” said RadarOnline. Early Monday morning, a stalker reportedly broke in to the reality TV star’s home, logged onto her Twitter account, and posted messages saying she had been murdered. The intruder even went so far as to lock Tequila’s dog in the trunk of her car—luckily, Tila wasn’t hurt.

I was initially going to offer some “‘don't believe everything you read on Twitter’ sort of” commentary, said Zap2it, but this is “a little scarier than that.” Apparently, Tila Tequila is so shaken up over this that she’s planning on “moving in hopes of getting away from her stalker,” and she’s already “made her Twitter updates private.”

This isn’t the first time Tila Tequila has been “rumored to be dead,” said Mike Baron in The Post Chronicle. About a year ago, rumors were circulating on MySpace that the former MTV star “died from an overdose.” It seems that as technology evolves, so do ways for obsessed fans to terrorize their idols.