Adventureland is like “The Wonder Years and Freaks and Geeks after a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl,” said Louis Peitzman in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Thanks to a “talented cast,” director Greg Mottola’s romantic comedy—his first movie since 2007's Superbad—“fills its audience with blind nostalgia: You may not know these experiences firsthand, but it sure feels like you do.” (watch the Adventureland trailer)

This “'80s flashback” movie certainly “has an appealing sheen of sweetness,” said Joe Williams in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. But although the amusement park setting could “have provided some colorful images or humor,” the story “sticks so closely to the rhythms of remembrance that it lacks dramatic impact.”

To say the least, said Wesley Morris in The Boston Globe. Adventureland “lazily coasts the surface of nostalgia,” and it’s just “the sort of flavorless, willfully quirky occasionally amusing slice of suburban boredom that, for years, has given the Sundance Film Festival its soft, gooey center.”