Sunshine Cleaning
Directed by Christine Jeffs


Two sisters start a crime-scene clean-up service.

Sunshine Cleaning “wants so badly” to be Little Miss Sunshine that “you can almost smell the desperation wafting from the screen,” said Stephanie Zacharek in In fact, the quirky film actually comes from the same team that gave us Little Miss Sunshine. So don’t be surprised that it includes a cute kid, an inappropriate grandpa, a beat-up old van, and a lot of family dysfunction. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt play Rose and Norah Lorkowski, two sisters who start a crime-scene clean-up service that eventually helps them wash away their own messy emotional pasts. Luckily for Sunshine Cleaning, said Dana Stevens in, the two actresses are as “determined to make this work as the Lorkowskis are to better their lot in life.” Adams, as an eager-to-please single mother, and Blunt, as the hard-partying non-pleaser, make “believable siblings.” The women “attack their roles with vivacity and dedication,” said A.O. Scott in The New York Times. But they can’t turned recycled ideas into something sparkling new.