Talk about an “unlikely couple,” said James Tapper in the Daily Mail. George Clooney and Paris Hilton were recently spotted having dinner together at the popular West Hollywood restaurant Dan Tana’s, and “ensured they were not photographed together as they left the celebrity haunt.” Now speculations are flying that “the former ER star has added the 27-year-old to the long list of women he has dated.”

Clooney does have “a history of dating floozies,” said Melissa Niksic in the Daily Herald, and several gossip sites are claiming that Clooney and Hilton actually spent two nights together. “I cannot believe that my boy George would sink to this level”—let’s hope “this is nothing more than a vicious rumor.”

“Before losing our heads over this,” said Defamer, let’s consider all the possible reasons why this “unholy intermingling” might have occurred. Maybe “they are working on a project together,” or teaming up to raise money for some charitable cause.

“Odds that the dinner was romantic drop precipitously,” said Liz Kelly in The Washington Post. “But the other possibility—that this was a business meeting—strike me as similarly preposterous.” Then again, both Clooney and Hilton are single at the moment, so “anything is possible.”