I Am ... Sasha Fierce


“A woman of fascinating contradictions” gets close to finding herself on I Am … Sasha Fierce, said James Reed in The Boston Globe. Although Beyoncé remains reclusive, keeping her private life just that, the superstar singer has hinted at a wild side. Sasha Fierce is the hellcat alter ego beneath Beyoncé’s demure facade. She’s let loose on a two-disc concept album that illustrates her dueling personas. “Sasha” reveals herself through dirty-girl club-hoppers and independent women anthems, said Amy Linden in Vibe. “Diva” is a female companion to Lil Wayne’s boastful “A Milli.” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” is a told-you-so booty-shaker. But Sasha, while “mildly titillating,” doesn’t divulge much and, if anything, sounds strangely similar to the Beyoncé we already know. Ironically, it’s the tamed persona on I Am—the real Beyoncé—that’s the “most intriguing, commanding, and sexual.” On sweeping ballads “Halo” and “Ave Maria,” she sounds confident and remarkably in control, said Michaelangelo Matos in The Onion. Both “bifurcated Beyoncés” are forces to be reckoned with. It’s a shame the two together couldn’t “manage a better album.”