More than 20 state lotteries across the country are experiencing record sales this year, a trend experts attribute to hard economic times. “People look to the lottery to get back to where they were financially,” said Emily Haisley of the Yale School of Management.
The New York Times

The public filed nearly 22 million Freedom of Information requests with the federal government last year. Only one in three was granted.
U.S. News & World Report

About 80 percent of marijuana grown outdoors in the U.S. is on state and federal land—usually in parks or forest preserves, federal officials say. Some pot growers set up small villages in the wilderness and grow thousands of plants.
USA Today

In a BBC survey of 22 countries—including Canada, France, China, Brazil, and Egypt—a large majority of respondents in all 22 preferred Barack Obama to John McCain in this fall’s presidential election.
The Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia is the only remaining country in the world in which all women, both natives and foreigners, are not allowed to drive.
Associated Press