Most Olympic swimmers now wear a high-tech Speedo full-body suit that cuts friction dramatically, forces the body into a more streamlined position, and adds buoyancy. Some experts say the suit can boost performance by 2 percent—more than enough to set world records.
The New York Times

A drinking game called “Beer Pong”—in which the losing team often becomes staggeringly drunk—has become so popular at colleges and in bars that it has triggered a backlash, with several universities and communities now banning it.

Chairman Mao Tse-tung’s Cultural Revolution led to the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese and set the nation back several decades, but he’s still held in sufficient esteem in China that his image is commonplace. Mao’s official portrait still looms over Tiananmen Square, and his picture is preserved on Chinese currency, watches, and kitschy items sold by street vendors.
Los Angeles Times

Traffic in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi is so bad that it can take two hours to inch six miles. More than 500,000 cars jam the city’s outdated, narrow roads, where constant gridlock has damaged the economy and scared away foreign investment.
Associated Press