Americans may think their taxes are high, but compared to lots of other places, we have it pretty good.

According to data collected by conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation and mapped by BrixCreative, America has the 63rd highest taxes as percentage of gross domestic product in a list of 179 nations and territories surveyed.

The U.S.’s 26.9 percent puts it behind economic powerhouses such as Germany (40.6) and the UK (39), but also behind Russia (29.5) and Ukraine (28.1). Americans pay half what Zimbabweans pay as a percentage of GDP (49.3).

America is about in the middle when it come to paying onerous taxes, according to the data. Countries paying less as a percentage of GDP include war-torn nations such as Syria (10.7), Afghanistan (6.4) and Nigeria (6.1). The oil-rich United Arab Emirates had the lowest rate of taxation at 1.4 percent.

(Courtesy of Vocativ)

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