Whatever you want to call it (hot sauce, chile sauce, or pepper sauce), the spicy condiment is the savior of every bland meal we've ever had. It can cause a frenzied debate when diners are asked what their favorite hot sauce is. In its purest form, hot sauce is made from chiles, vinegar, and salt. Some varieties, like Tabasco, are not so subtle and deliver a big hit of immediate heat, while others, such as Sriracha, can be a little sweeter with a thicker consistency. Here are 10 new ways to use your favorite hot sauce:

1. Add a few dashes to melted butter and toss with popcorn.

2. Fold it into your savory oatmeal and top with sliced scallions.

3. Combine equal parts maple syrup and hot sauce to make a glaze for grilled meats.

4. Finish your chutney or jam with a spoonful of the hot stuff.

5. Add a bit of heat to your caramelized onions with a drop or two.

6. Toss with mangoes, cucumber, and pineapple, and sprinkle with salt for a spicy fruit salad.

7. Fold some into your burger meat.

8. Whisk with mustard, vinegar and olive oil for a spicy salad vinaigrette.

9. Combine with mayo and lemon zest for an all-purpose sauce.

10. Douse your grilled cheese while still hot.

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