Donald Trump watched teeming crowds of Muslims cheer the falling Twin Towers, sees the hordes of rapists streaming across our border, and has the robust health of a teenage athlete. He also loves the the truth — and hates those lying liars who violate it.

Recently, the possible future Republican Pinocchio-in-chief also called Hillary Clinton a liar and demanded she apologize for saying that ISIS is using Trump's statements to recruit jihadists. But it was far from the first time Trump has called Hillary a liar liar pantsuits on fire — he has challenged her truthfulness on Twitter eight times.

But Clinton isn't the Human Lie Detector's main focus. Trump's Twitter spends most of its time going after the honesty of President Obama, whose lies Trump has vilified 43 times on Twitter since 2012.

Trump has policed the truths of Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and John Kasich and Marco Rubio, as well as other Republicans like Sen. John McCain and former President George W. Bush. Outside of Washington, Trump's favorite targets are in the media. He has outed liars like "dopey" Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, CNN, and The Daily "Snooze," but usually he just denounces all mainstream media and so-called "journalists." (Full disclosure: This article was written by a so-called "journalist.")

While most of Trump's attention goes towards politicians and pundits, it seems no one is safe. The Knight of Integrity has also attacked "the doctors," Star Jones, disgraced New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, Edward Snowden the fraud, and Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan.

In total, Trump has called out people for lying 93 times since the beginning of 2012. Here's a breakdown of every lie he has caught.

(Courtesy Vocativ)

So think before you lie, tweet, or come down with Ebola. The Donald is watching. And he's out to make America honest again.

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