Last week's question: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, a congressional candidate from Miami, has claimed that she was abducted by tall, blond aliens at age 7 and taken for a ride in their spaceship. In seven words or fewer, please come up with an extraterrestrial-themed campaign slogan that could help Rodriguez Aguilera win the support of skeptical voters.

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THE WINNER: "It takes a galaxy"
Skip Flanagan, Roseville, Calif.

SECOND PLACE: "My experience is out of this world"
Reg Bellury, Milledgeville, Ga.

THIRD PLACE: "I have friends in high places"
Karen Bailey, West Des Moines, Iowa


"They took me, make me your leader"
Carl Miller, Richmond, Va.

"Putting the alien in inalienable rights"
Peg Rusconi, Cincinatti

"Aliens picked me, and so should you"
Lynn Hobbs, Indianapolis

"Strange we can believe in"
Greg Langlois, Arlington, Va.

"Resistance is futile"
France Kassing, Davis, Calif.

"ETs: We're With Her"
Stephanie Sarich, Minnetonka, Minn.

"The sky's no limit"
Jim Rodgers, Winamac, Ind.

"Rodriguez Aguilera: Reaching for the stars"
Nick Toce, Richmond, Va.

"I know what 'down to Earth' means"
Alan Biskey, Swoope, Va.

"Universally loved"
John Parry, Eldersburg, Md.

"My knowledge and experience is universal"
Debra W. Dunn, Crewe, Va.

"Beam me up to Congress"
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Ind.