It's Saturday morning — or Sunday, whatever — and your alarm goes off. You promised friends they could come over for brunch, and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you're a bit hazy. Why did I do that? Can't I just sleep a little bit more? Do I really have to wake up and cook?

But what if you didn't have to?!

Exactly! What if brunch prep were actually a breeze, and you could sleep in and welcome your guests looking like the calm, cool, and collected person you are? It sounds far-fetched, but maybe it doesn't have to be. For this mission (seemingly) impossible, it's all about the make-ahead brunch. Dishes you can make a day or two ahead, then heat or stir or blend into existence the morning of. Instead of waking up hours before company arrives, wake up mere minutes before instead. If anyone asks, call it magic.

Bake ahead

1. Carrot, cumin, and gouda loaf cake

(Julia Gartland/Courtesy Food52)

2. Lemon poppy seed muffins

(Bobbi Lin/Courtesy Food52)

A match made in heaven

Blitz both of these the night before you serve them. Keep them on your counter and in your fridge, respectively, and bust them out when the time is right. Serve them together for extra brownie points. Granola in the morning? Don't mind if I do.

3. Alanna Taylor-Tobin's stolen granola with extra clumps

(James Ransom/Courtesy Food52)

4. Toasted pecan yogurt

(Ty Mecham/Courtesy Food52)

Beauty sleep

In this situation, your best friends are dishes you can assemble ahead of time, keep in your fridge, then cook at a moment's notice. I introduce you to three of your brunch's new best friends. All of them benefit from a few hours alone — some time to get the juices flowing — before being popped in the oven. Just heat and serve!

5. Prosciutto and goat cheese strata

(James Ransom/Courtesy Food52)

6. Chrissy Teigen's French toast casserole with salted frosted flakes

(Bobbi Lin/Courtesy Food52)

7. Lamb merguez

(Julia Gartland/Courtesy Food52)

Come prepared

Think of these as your back-pocket aces. Who doesn't like overnight oats? Who doesn't like smoothies? That's what I thought. Keep a stockpile of either of these up your sleeve (read: fridge or freezer), then scoop them out according to your guests' needs, wants, and desires. Everybody's happy! Even you, and that's the most important.

8. Smooth out the morning rush with a smoothie kit

(Julia Gartland/Courtesy Food52)

9. Tahini-chocolate chunk overnight oats

(Julia Gartland/Courtesy Food52)

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