This week's question: A Florida woman who recently celebrated her 105th birthday has confessed that she has no idea how she reached such an old age, because she spent much of her life partying, drinking, gambling, and smoking. If Helen Granier were to write a book on how to live a long, bad habit–filled life, what could she title it?

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THE WINNER: "As Old as Sin"
Nora Guthrie, Santa Rosa, California

SECOND PLACE: "Add Vice for Reaching Old Age"
Donna Lauritzen, McMurray, Pennsylvania

THIRD PLACE: "One Hundred Years of Attitude"
Rich Greene, Novato, California


"From Beer to Eternity"
Ken Goldstein, Jacksonville, Florida

"Only the Good Die Young"
Mark Chartier, Lyme, Connecticut

"My 105 Years of Living Dangerously"
Irene Reiner, Young Harris, Georgia

"The Power of Positive Drinking"
Marin Blevins, Columbia, Montana

"105 Years of Plenitude"
James Smith, New York City

"Party on… and on… and on…"
Mike Popelka, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

"A Sentenarian's Guide to Growing Old"
Philip Rogers, Houston

"Party Hearty into That Good Night"
Barry Fiegel, Oklahoma City

"(Long) life in the fast lane"
Carolyn Policastro, Boca Raton, Florida

"Lush for Life"
Allan MacLaren, San Jose, California

"105 Reasons Not to Take Care of Yourself"
Hollis Cate, Macon, Georgia

"Bad 'Til You're Bones"
Beth Barham, Dripping Springs, Texas

"Of Vice and Men"
Jim Daly, Thousand Oaks, California