Last week's question: A Utah mom gave her 6-year-old her Amazon password to order a single Barbie doll as a reward, and then got a delivery for $350 worth of Barbies and other toys. Please come up with the name of a horror film or comedy based on a child acquiring his or her parents' passwords for Amazon and other potentially expensive websites.

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THE WINNER: "Rosemary's eBay"
Larry Hance, Barboursville, Virginia

SECOND PLACE: "Franken-Prime"
Emily Aborn, Temple, New Hampshire

THIRD PLACE: "Little Shopper of Horrors"
Bruce Carlson, Alexandria, Virginia


"Rosemary's Barbies"
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Home, A Loan"
Mark Weaver, Carlsbad, California

"I Know What You Bid Last Summer"
Tim Mistele, Coral Gables, Florida

"Buys and Dolls"
Kathy Moore, Middleton, Wisconsin

"The EverSpending Story"
Jonathan Sternberg, Eugene, Oregon

"The Purse of the Mommy"
Ken Goldstein, Jacksonville, Florida

"Mommie's Dearest"
David Austin, Mission Viejo, California

"The Charge of the Tyke Brigade"
Wayne Harris, Madison, Wisconsin

"Gone With the PIN"
Barry Heller, Rolling Hills Estates, California

"Prime and Punishment"
John Burrow, Glen Spey, New York

"Prime-al Fear"
Eron Linver, Dallas

"Black Friday the 13th"
Victoria Mallon, Santa Clara, California

"Look Who's Shopping!"
Lorraine Sherwood, Oceanside, California