This week's question: Australian shipping company Blue Star Line has announced plans to build Titanic II, modeled on the ocean liner that sank in 1912. In seven words or fewer, please come up with an advertising slogan that Blue Star Line could use to lure passengers who might not want to repeat history.

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THE WINNER: "The new Titanic. Everything but the sink"
Mike Chelstowski, Keene, New Hampshire

SECOND PLACE: "The only iceberg is in the salad"
Nancy Noé, Tinton Falls, New Jersey

THIRD PLACE: "Titanic II: Now with more lifeboats"
David Rahn, Dallas


"Your cruise will go on"
James Pearson, Anaheim, California

"Titanic II: Put your fears on ice"
J.R. Capps, Upland, California

"Sail with confidence, the icebergs have melted"
Clark Brown, San Antonio, Texas

"The only iceberg you’ll see is lettuce"
Norman Sfeir, Williamsville, New York

"Titanic II: Enough lifeboats this time"
Michael Rouse, Troy, Michigan

"It won’t give you that sinking feeling"
Richard Grossman, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"You won’t go down in history. Really!"
Steve Brown, Biltmore Lake, North Carolina

"Lightning and icebergs never strike twice"
Dick Adler, Lecanto, Florida

"Seriously, what are the odds?"
Bob McCurdy, Hendersonville, North Carolina

"Ice for drinking, not for sinking"
Peggy Flora Zalucha, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

"Lots fewer icebergs this time"
Tim Mistele, Coral Gables, Florida