This week's question: A British supermarket chain has become the country's first mainstream grocer to sell edible insects, stocking its shelves with Smoky BBQ Crunchy Roasted Crickets. If a U.S. restaurant were to open a chain of eateries specializing in nutritious, bug-based meals, what appetizing name should it have?

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THE WINNER: "Pupa Johns"
Thomas Mistele, Flemington, New Jersey

SECOND PLACE: "Cricket Barrel"
Greg Mistele, Peapack, New Jersey

Harvey Rosenhouse, East Windsor, New Jersey


"TGI Fly-days"
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Tim Mistele, Coral Gables, Florida

Jim Brewer, Wichita, Kansas

"Live Garden"
Arnie Silverman, Murrysville, Pennsylvania

"Five Flies"
Ivan Kershner, Salem, South Carolina

Michael Rouse, Troy, Michigan

"Long John Silverfish"
Sean King, Sterling, Virginia

Gina Chang, Chino Hills, California

"Ant-ie Anne's Pretzels"
Barbara James, Bedford, Massachusetts

"Texas Roach-house"
Mary Jo Astrachan, Oneida, New Jersey

Linda Manuel, Stockton, New Jersey

"Bugger King"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas