This week's question: Astronauts from NASA's six Apollo moon missions left 96 bags of human waste on the moon; if any microorganisms in the poop survived, it might indicate that hardy microbes can spread life throughout the universe. Please come up with a non-obscene title of a Hollywood film about a mission to retrieve and study what the astronauts left behind.

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THE WINNER: "2021: A Waste Odyssey"
Laurel Wroten, Petaluma, California

SECOND PLACE: "The Ripe Stuff"
John G. Everett, Watertown, Massachusetts

THIRD PLACE: "Interstoolar"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh


"Apollo Eeeww"
Jesse Levy, Burbank, California

"The Filth Element"
Barbara James, Bedford, Massachusetts

"The Dung Side of the Moon"
Robyn Kupferman, Culver City, California

"The Fecal Has Landed"
Aaron Mead, St. Joseph, Michigan

"B-M me up, Scottie"
William Long, Dahlonega, Georgia

"Flush Gordon"
Ivan Kershner, Salem, South Carolina

"One Giant Heap for Mankind"
Dave Price, Lincoln City, Oregon

"Watch Your Step, Mankind"
Thomas Mistele, Flemington, New Jersey

Zachary Drawdy, Lexington, South Carolina

"Star Drek: The Next Sanitation"
Melissa Ginocchio, Easton, Pennsylvania

"From Rear to Eternity"
Dan Levin, Evanston, Illinois

Linda Manuel, Stockton, New Jersey

"Starship Poopers"
Eileen Hargaden, Oceanside, California

"Man-ure in the Moon"
Mary Jo Astrachan, Oneida, New York

"The Wrong Stuff"
Bill Doughty, Honolulu

"Silent Runs"
Jeff R. Patterson, Nashville, Tennessee