This week's question: The Wilson restaurant in Manhattan has debuted a special menu for dogs and their owners to share, which includes a $42 grilled rib eye with baby vegetables. If a TV network were to create a cooking show in which top chefs compete to create the finest dog's dinner, what name could it give the series?

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THE WINNER: "Bone App├ętit"
Thomas Mistele, Flemington, New Jersey

SECOND PLACE: "The Great British Bark Off"
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

THIRD PLACE: "Mastiff Chef"
Vivien Abraham, Trumbull, Connecticut


"Iron Shep"
David Moore, Portland, Oregon

"Bark Tank"
Barbara James, Bedford, Massachusetts

"Dash-und Dine"
Faris Alikhan, Daly City, California

"Chow Down at the OK Kennel"
Howard M. James, Phillipsburg, New Jersey

"Ruffined Palates"
Jennifer Kitchin, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"Shih Sous"
Jeff R. Patterson, Nashville, Tennessee

"Haute Dogs"
Loren Jolley, San Francisco

"Best in Chow"
Jay Scolio, Cupertino, California

"Tailed It!"
Eve Menger, San Francisco

"Wolfgang Pup"
Donald Blumenshein, Leona Valley, California

"The Right Ruff"
Bill Mistele, New City, New York

"Who's a good chef?"
Renada Wilson, Berkeley Spring, West Virginia