This week's question: A French men's club employed two pole-dancing robots to help commemorate the fifth anniversary of its opening. If Hollywood were to make a sci-fi movie about a pair of droids who work as pole dancers, what PG-rated title could it give the film?

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THE WINNER: “Chiptease”
John Parry, Eldersburg, Maryland

SECOND PLACE: “I, Ro-butt”
Bill Levine, Belmont, Massachusetts

THIRD PLACE: “Last Tango in Ferrous”
Ivan Kershner, Salem, South Carolina


David A. Zimmerman, Colorado Springs

“Droidy Dancing”
Kim Doyle, Woolwich, Maine

“iOS Wide Open”
Kristen Pierce, Georgetown, Texas

“A.I. Candy”
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Mark Beckerman, El Dorado Hills, California

Alexa Cohen, Los Angeles

Charles R. Meek, San Angelo, Texas

“Star Tech: The Next Gyration”
Joe Frank, Scottsdale, Arizona

“A ClockTwerk Orange”
Catherine Pomiecko, Natick, Massachusetts

“Thigh, Robot”
Greg Erickson, Somers, New York

“Stripped Gears”
Gordon A. Freireich, York, Pennsylvania

“Exxx Machina”
Steve Bruchey, Hillsborough, New Jersey

“Flash Drive Dance”
John McCarthy, Flowery Branch, Georgia

Troup Miller, Austin, Texas

“Some Like It Bot”
Bill McKinney, Sharpsburg, Georgia

“Bot-toms Up”
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

“I Spin the Body Electric”
Ken Kellam III, Dallas