This week's question: A British couple posted an online job ad in which they offered to pay a chef $6,000 to cook a roadkill banquet for their wedding; the pair says traditional wedding food is "resource-heavy and results in so much waste." If a chef were to write a cookbook detailing how to turn roadkill into a wedding feast, what appetizing title should it have?

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"Treaded Bliss"
Diane Mareck Page, Santa Rosa, California

SECOND PLACE: "Love Struck"
Joe Frank, Scottsdale, Arizona

THIRD PLACE: "Wedding Crashers"
Bill Mistele, New City, New York


"From Under Wheel to Wedding Meal"
Robert Grabemann, Lake Forest, Illinois

"Wedding Meals from Random Wheels"
Lawrence Cromwell, Hobe Sound, Florida

"From Splatter to Platter"
Larry Laughren, Spring Green, Wisconsin

"Here Comes the Hide!"
David Gilbert, Seattle

"From Newly-Dead Beasts to Newlywed Feasts"
Eve Lichtgarn, Santa Monica, California

"Deerly Beloved"
Judy Fike, Ashland, Ohio

"Carrion for Marryin'"
Art Mills, Jacksonville, Florida

"Wheels on Meals"
Stephen Beebe, Los Altos Hills, California