This week's question: A North Carolina couple called the cops and cowered in a closet after hearing what they thought was a burglar in their home; it turned out the "intruder" was just their robot vacuum cleaner, which had gotten stuck and was banging against a wall. If Hollywood were to make a movie about a robo-vacuum cleaner that actually turns to crime, what title could it give the film?

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THE WINNER: "The Dirty Dyson"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

SECOND PLACE: "My Life in Grime"
Joe Ayella, Wayne, Pennsylvania

THIRD PLACE: "Law & Order: Special Vacuums Unit"
Lloyd Grass, Fulton, Missouri


"Mean Sweeps"
Bill Levine, Belmont, Massachusetts

"Grime and Punishment"
Mary Ellen Helms, Morgan Hill, California

"The Usual Dust-specks"
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pennsylvania

"From Rugs to Riches"
Joe Frank, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Attachments: 11"
Robert Leighton, New York City

"Lock, Stock and Two Rotating Brushes"
Michael Greene, Cashiers, North Carolina

"The Clean Getaway"
Mary Jo Astrachan, Oneida, New York

"Without a Trace (Of Lint)"
Beth Simon, Oakland, California

"From Pickup to Stickup"
Darrel Tiler, Westfield, Wisconsin

"Crime Sucks"
Doug Johnston, Erie, Pennsylvania

"Obsuction of Justice"
Norm Carrier, Flat Rock, North Carolina