This week's question: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reluctantly agreed to drop their plan to market the "Sussex Royal" brand after the queen forbade them from using the word "royal." Please come up with a snappy new brand name that the couple could use to exploit their ex-royal status.

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THE WINNER: "Roylex"
Mark Youngs, Granada Hills, California

SECOND PLACE: "The Windsor Nots"
C. Tom Howes, Havertown, Pennsylvania

THIRD PLACE: "Re-gal & guy"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh


"Been Heir Done That"
Troup Miller, Austin, Texas

Jim Kulakoski, Port Orange, Florida

Annette Blanchard, Mill Valley, California

"The House of Commons"
Page Stockwel, Portland, Oregon

"Throne Away"
Jordan Austin, Port Hueneme, California

"I Can't Believe We're Not Royalty"
Bruce Kopp, Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Ivan Kershner, Salem, South Carolina

"The Couple Formerly Known as Prince and Princess"
Stuart Burkhoff, Great Neck, New York

"The Three Exiteers (Harry, Meghan, and Archie)"
Lisa Zaoutis, Philadelphia