This week's question: A Miami-area judge has warned local lawyers to dress professionally for tele-court hearings after one appeared shirtless and another addressed the court from her bed. If a TV network were to make a legal drama about the struggles and triumphs of a firm of locked-down attorneys, what could the show be titled?

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THE WINNER: "Baresters"
Curtis Miller, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

SECOND PLACE: "Nightie Court"
Dave Grossman, Petaluma, California

THIRD PLACE: "Law and Order-In"
James Pearson, Anaheim, California


"Better Zoom Saul"
Skip Flanagan, Roseville, California

"The Good WiFi"
Tim Mistele, Coral Gables, Florida

Bill Levine, Belmont, Massachusetts

"Legal Briefs"
Andrea Viani, Spring Lake, New Jersey

"Nightgown Court"
Peter and Lillian Smith, Los Angeles

"Law and Order: Mattresside Unit"
Tim Monaghan, Columbus, Ohio

"Appealing in Briefs"
Deb Kirchner, Forsyth, Illinois

"Perry Maskon"
Glen Alfredson, Durham, North Carolina

"Birthday Suits"
George Strong, Plano, Texas

"L.A. Raw"
Phyllis Klein, New York City

Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh