This week's question: A band of baboons at a British drive-through safari is reportedly menacing customers with an assortment of stolen weapons, including screwdrivers, knives and — in one instance — a chainsaw. In seven words or fewer, please come up with an advertising slogan that the safari could use to promote this unusual monkey attraction.

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THE WINNER: "Meet furious George"
Susan Zivich, Hebron, Indiana

SECOND PLACE: "Where the baboons are more like guerillas"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

THIRD PLACE: "Where the wild things are armed"
C.A. Papapietro, Port Jefferson, New York


"Monkey see, monkey due some respect"
Ken Liebman, Williston, Vermont

"Safari where the baboons don't monkey around"
Dale Bagley, Macon, Missouri

"Experience the apes of wrath"
Jack Clayton, Mountain Home, Arkansas

"Home of the baboon goon squad"
Val Ouellette, Middletown, Rhode Island

"Monkey see, monkey duel"
Keith Hudson, Tucson, Arizona

"Heard the buzz about the monkey house?"
Joe Ayella, Wayne, Pennsylvania

"Guerillas in the mist"
Jennifer Kitchin, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"Monkey saws, monkey do"
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pennsylvania