This week's question: A 35-year-old Italian man's bid to force his parents to keep paying him a $360 monthly stipend has been rejected by the nation's Supreme Court. In seven words or fewer, please come up with an advertising slogan for a law firm that specializes in representing parents who want to cut off support to their adult children.

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THE WINNER: "Feeling ready to tear your heir out?"
Erica Avery, Greenfield, Massachusetts

SECOND PLACE: "Empty your nest, not your nest egg"
Beth Simon, Oakland, California

THIRD PLACE: "The buck stops, heir"
Philip White, New York City


"We'll make your Generation X-it"
Alex Jaramillo, Fontana, California

"We make no allowances for your kids"
Wayne Harris, Madison, Wisconsin

"The hands that block the cradled"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

"Your money's restored when we cut the cord"
Larry Hooks, New Hartford, New York

"Win independence from your dependents"
Rebecca Burgan, Petaluma, California

"We sever the tithes that bind"
John Bundy, Brevard, North Carolina

"You breed 'em, we weed 'em"
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"You sire them, we fire them"
Joseph Baem, Martinez, California

"Let legal eagles control your nest"
Arnie Silverman, Murrysville, Pennsylvania

"The bucks stop here!"
Phyllis Klein, New York City

"If they want loot, we bring suit"
Joe Ayella, Wayne, Pennsylvania