This week's question: A Tennessee law firm is offering a free divorce to whoever submits the best rationale, explaining that some couples trapped together in lockdown "may have reached their breaking point." In seven words or fewer, please come up with a snappy advertising slogan for a law firm that specializes in pandemic-era splits.

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THE WINNER: "Because there's no vaccine for irreconcilable differences"
Lila Ash, Los Angeles

SECOND PLACE: "When six feet is not enough"
Elizabeth Jones, Long Beach, California

THIRD PLACE: "Helping you burst your pandemic bubble"
Beth Cedarholm, River Falls, Wisconsin


"A ditch in time saves quarantine"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

"Can't mask your differences anymore? Call us"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

"Nothing says social distancing like divorce"
Glenn Gall, Bel Air, Maryland

"Hurt Immunity: Pain-free divorce is our vow"
Neal Krakover, Hillsboro, West Virginia

"We can lighten your viral load!"
Susan Johnson, Flagstaff, Arizona

"Corona making you want to be alone-a?"
Kathy Anderson, Palm Desert, California

"Cabin fever makes you wanna leave her?"
Rebecca Burgan, Petaluma, California

"We've perfected antisocial distancing"
George Pagliaro, North Cape May, New Jersey

"An effective vaccine for an unhealthy marriage"
Peter J. Sonnabend, Weston, Massachusetts