This week's question: A Pennsylvania prosecutor has been demoted after he was caught moonlighting as a driver for food delivery service DoorDash — sometimes taking breaks from his $125,000 a year job to deliver restaurant meals. If a TV network were to make a crime drama about a tough prosecutor who delivers justice and meals, what could it call the show?

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THE WINNER: "Law and Order In"
Bengt Anderson, Westport, Connecticut

SECOND PLACE: "Food Court"
Phyllis Klein, New York City

THIRD PLACE: "Order in the Court"
Doug Johnston, Erie, Pennsylvania


"A Few Good Menus"
Janine Witte, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"12 Hungry Men"
Norm Carrier, Flat Rock, North Carolina

"Dial M for Murder, Dial P for Pizza"
LeRoy M. Gaintner, Paradise Valley, Arizona

"Law & Order: BLT"
Ted Hicks, Napa, California

"Meals and Plea Deals on Wheels"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh

"Crime & Nourishment"
Jeff Deiss, Ridgewood, New Jersey

"Appeals on Wheels"
Bob Anderson, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

"The Meals of Justice"
Jospeh H. Crowley, Cranston, Rhode Island

"Take the Stand While I Deliver"
Carlton Andrews, Austin, Texas

Scott Giannini, Chico, California

"The French Fry Connection"
Gordon Clawson, Ojai, California