Late Night Tackles Trump versus Biden

Late night hosts catalog Trump's final chase for votes, increasingly 'weird' attacks, even stranger dance moves

October 20, 2020

We're two weeks from Election Day, and "according to most national polls, Joe Biden is leading President Trump by about 10 points — and based on the last election, that means Biden's losing by 4 points," Jimmy Kimmel joked on Monday's Tonight Show. "Things have gotten so bad for Trump, Republicans are now distancing themselves from him and his own advisers think that he's in trouble. When asked why he isn't more depressed, Trump was like, 'Steroids!'"

"Trump is doing whatever he can to get back in the race," but his attacks on Biden — and scientists — are getting bizarre, Fallon said. And "Trump did some pretty strange dance moves" at his rallies, he added, transforming Trump's lurching into a TikTok challenge with new dance moves like "Steer the Boat Over Jell-O."


The Late Show also named Trump's dance moves.

"One of Trump's biggest problems is that suburban women in battleground states don't like him," Stephen Colbert said at The Late Show. "Trump is so desperate to attract the ladies, he broke out his irresistible dance move." He wasn't impressed: "He makes the inflatable tube man look like Fred Astaire." Trump's latest "weird attack" is on Dr. Anthony Fauci, "the most trusted person on coronavirus in the United States," Colbert said. But the president has also "openly mused about losing," suggesting he'd leave the country, he noted. "I'll help you pack! I hear Equatorial Guinea has a beautiful no-extradition treaty this time of year."

As COVID-19 cases spike across the country, "the president is busy attacking Dr. Fauci" and talking about dishwashers at his rallies, Jimmy Kimmel marveled at Kimmel Live. "I think he thinks this makes him relatable to women, because he talked about dishwashers for a long time." He suggested Trump is hinting "his backup plan for the next four years might be in the world of household appliances and repair," and demonstrated the idea with a TV ad.

Trump's terrible poll numbers "might explain why he's been making a series of increasingly bizarre threats about what he'll do if he loses," Seth Meyers said at Late Night. "I didn't think I could be any more motivated to vote against Trump until I heard him say if he loses, he'll never speak to us again." Meyers also poked fun at Trump's upper-body dance moves — "I call this move Roach Caught in a Glue Trap" — and you can watch below. Peter Weber

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