'he is getting worse'
June 6, 2016

On Monday, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough unleashed on Donald Trump and slammed the Republican Party for endorsing a "racist" man, after Trump publicly questioned the ability of Muslim and Mexican judges to rule impartially against him. Last Thursday, Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a civil lawsuit against Trump University, had an "absolute conflict" and should recuse himself from the case because of his Mexican heritage; Trump has called for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and for banning Muslim immigration.

"These Republicans this week who were so shocked and stunned and deeply saddened and offended by this clear act of racism had all the evidence in the world before that he had done things that — again — stopped them from endorsing him," Scarborough said. "How do you endorse, Paul Ryan, a man that supports the banning of 1.4 billion Muslims from ever entering the United States of America? You make him back down, actually."

Scarborough then admitted that he'd previously tried to convince Trump to rethink some of his ideas, but to no avail. "That's what I was hoping, that perhaps we could put pressure on him to back down and change that policy," Scarborough said to MSNBC's Al Sharpton. "Instead, Al, he's doubled down. And now it's people that may have — what is it? One-sixteenth Mexican blood? If you've got one-sixteenth Mexican blood than maybe you can't be a judge. One-sixteenth Muslim blood? I mean, this is unbelievable. He is getting worse, not better."

Watch Scarborough's takedown, below. Becca Stanek

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