A ceasefire
April 8, 2020

Fears of the COVID-19 coronavirus are reportedly bringing about a ceasefire in Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition fighting against the Houthi rebels in Yemen are set to announce a suspension of military operations across the country at midnight Wednesday, three people familiar with the matter told Reuters. The decision answers a United Nations call to halt combat.

There are likely many reasons why the U.N. is pushing for a ceasefire, but the argument that seemingly stuck is that a lack of fighting decreases the chances of a COVID-19 outbreak in Yemen, which so far has not reported any confirmed cases of the disease. Staving off an outbreak is crucial, especially considering Yemen is already steeped in the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

It's unclear if the Houthi opposition will follow in the coalition's footsteps, but a spokesman said the group sent the U.N. a plan to end the war, which began in 2014. Read more at Reuters. Tim O'Donnell

July 22, 2015

Just one day before the New York City Council's vote, Mayor de Blasio backed away from his tenacious fight with ride-sharing service Uber.

The mayor wanted to cap the number of vehicles operating within the Uber network, sparking fierce backlash from the company, its die-hard followers, and even some high-profile celebrities. As part of today's agreement, the City Council postponed the vote on a growth cap while the city conducts a four-month study of the effects Uber and other similar companies have on traffic and the environment.

While Uber may have temporarily won the right to continue to grow in New York City, Uber lovers shouldn't get too excited yet: City officials said that a growth cap will remain a possibility in the future. Lori Janjigian

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