America's next ex-Trump official?
January 9, 2019

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller and oversaw his Russia election-meddling investigation for more than a year, has told President Trump he's stepping down in the coming weeks, multiple people tell ABC News. Rosenstein reportedly never planned to serve in the Trump Justice Department for more than two years, and there's no indiction he's being forced out.

Rosenstein and Trump have had an at-times contentious relationship — in November, Trump retweeted a photo of Rosenstein in prison, and Rosenstein was rumored to have suggested covertly recording Trump — and there was speculation he would depart after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was pushed out last fall. Trump elevated Matt Whitaker to acting attorney general in late November, and despite publicly questioning the Mueller investigation, Whitaker is now formally overseeing the probe until the Senate confirms his replacement; Trump has nominated fellow Mueller skeptic William Barr, and Rosenstein has reportedly told White House officials he is leaving about the time Barr is confirmed and takes office.

Rosenstein has worked in the Justice Department for decades, serving as a U.S. attorney from 2005 to 2017 and serving in various roles over the 15 years before that. Peter Weber

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