November 22, 2019

It's probably safe to assume most kids would be delighted to get a personal serenade of "Let It Go" from Frozen's Elsa herself. But even with the Frozen sequel on the horizon, one boy has routinely rejected the opportunity: Idina Menzel's 10-year-old son, who has initiated a ban on all singing in his presence.

"Honestly he does not care about Frozen," Menzel, who is set to reprise her role as Elsa in the sequel, told People. "He tells me to shut up in the car." Ice cold, kid. Read more at People. Scott Meslow

June 5, 2018

In December, the Air Force signed a $23.6 million contract with Boeing to replace two of Air Force One's five "cold chiller units," or refrigerators, and on Monday, Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.) said the Air Force and White House Military Office had decided to scrap that contract. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson had informed Courtney in a May 29 letter that "while not optimal, mitigation options exist to ensure food security" on Air Force One until the next generation of presidential aircraft replaces it in the mid-2020s, though if those planes are delayed, she added, the Air Force will have to revisit the refrigerator replacement.

Courtney, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces, had raised concerns about the contract, and he applauded its cancelation. "Clearly, the Air Force is making the right decision [to] cancel the previously announced sole-source contract and hit restart on this process," he said in a statement. "Even with the understanding that the Air Force One mission brings with it unique requirements and challenges, a $24 million sole-source contract just didn't pass the smell test." Peter Weber

February 23, 2017

On Feb. 10, a 26-year-old undocumented immigrant from El Salvador collapsed at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center in Texas, after complaining of headaches. She was brought to Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Burleson, where doctors concluded she had a brain tumor, the woman's lawyers tell The Daily Beast. During her only conversation with her mother, on Feb. 19, the woman, identified only as Sara, said she was bleeding heavily through her nose, convulsing, and suffering some memory loss. She has otherwise been barred from communicating with her family.

The lawyers said they were expecting doctors to operate on Sara soon, but on Wednesday she was reportedly forcibly removed from the hospital without treatment and returned to the Prairieland Detention Center. "She told us they tied her hands and ankles in her condition," Melissa Zuniga, a member of Sara's New Jersey-based legal team, tells The Hill. "She's complaining of a lot of pain." Zuniga said that the hospital "no longer wants to be in charge of her case because they’re getting hounded by calls and a potential lawsuit" — Sara's family said it might sue if she did not receive adequate care — but that doctors gave Sara a CD with her medical records and told her not to turn it over to ICE; it was taken from her as soon as she returned to the detention center.

Sara's sister and her lawyers were flying to Texas on Wednesday night to press for her release, The Hill reports. Sara was detained in 2015 after illegally crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, and after she missed the deadline for filing for asylum, a judge cleared her for deportation in January 2016. She was in detention appealing the ruling when she collapsed. "You are bound to see more cases like this if ICE fulfills the government's orders and dramatically expands detention," Bob Libal, an Austin-based immigrants-rights advocate, tells The Daily Beast. "You are bound to see more stories where people have suffered these kind of medical tragedies in detention."

In the Associated Press video below, about another fraught immigration story in Texas, a member of Libal's organization, Grassroots Leadership, notes that former President Barack Obama deported more than 2 million undocumented immigrants in his two terms. "Obama built this machine, but he left it in the hands of Trump," says Cristina Parker, "and what we're seeing is what that means." Peter Weber

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