September 12, 2018

Eric Trump seemed to take a page out of the alt-right playbook Wednesday in order to smear veteran journalist Bob Woodward in an appearance on Fox News.

The president's son said on Fox & Friends that people like Woodward who write books about Trump do so in order to get TV airtime. "You can write some sensational, nonsense book. CNN will definitely have you on there, because they love to trash the president. It'll mean you sell three extra books, you make three extra shekels." Anti-Semitic websites like 4chan frequently reference the currency of Israel as a slur against Jewish people.

In fact, members of 4chan's notoriously toxic politics board celebrated Trump's comments Wednesday, seeming to take it as evidence that the language of far-right websites like theirs is going mainstream, BuzzFeed News' Ryan Broderick reports. You can watch the moment from Fox's interview with Trump below. Brendan Morrow

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