Fair and Balanced?
June 10, 2014

Fox News: Fair and Balanced — and, according to a new survey, the most trusted news source around.

Tucked inside a big Brookings survey on immigration are a few questions about the integrity of television news. And there, 25 percent of respondents say they trust Fox more than any other TV source for "accurate information about politics and current events," giving the network a slight edge over generic broadcast news. By contrast, MSNBC places last with just five percent, a hair behind The Daily Show.

This isn't the first time a poll has found Fox as the most trusted news source. For five years running, the network has taken top honors in PPP's annual media survey. Jon Terbush

April 30, 2014

When Michael Moyer, an editor at Scientific American magazine, went on Fox and Friends this morning, he was asked to talk about "trends in the future." Before the taping, Moyer put together a list of trends, which included climate change. "The only interesting thing that the scientific community is sure will happen ... is that climate change is going to get worse. So I put that as one of my talking points," Moyer wrote in a blog post about his TV appearance.

But, a producer at the network "politely and matter-of-factly" asked him replace climate change "with something else." Moyer obliged and talked about discovering life on other planets instead. His tweet about the topic change, however, sparked outrage on social media, especially in light of a recent survey that found Fox's climate-change coverage to be only 28 percent accurate.

Moyer, however, says the incident was blown way out of proportion. "To be honest I'm surprised this is garnering as much interest as it seems to be," he wrote. "We all understand that Fox comes with a political point of view, one which has served them well in the ratings hunt." Jordan Valinsky

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