Last Night on Late Show
November 27, 2018

Stephen Colbert and his Late Show crew took Monday night off, extending their Thanksgiving break, but cartoon versions of himself and band leader Jon Batiste hosted the show in their stead, as Cartoon Colbert explained in this opening clip.

Since Colbert and Batiste taped their audio for this show back in October, Cartoon Colbert's monologue couldn't exactly be topical. So he embraced that, grooved a bit with Batiste and the mole people in the center of the Earth, then showed a reel of monologue jokes (and dancing) reminding viewers how insane this fall has been.

In his interview segment, Colbert had a brief visit from Cartoon President Trump, then showed some highlights of Colbert's interviews with various people outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater, including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the top Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees.

Colbert and Batiste also discussed some of what goes on behind the scenes at The Late Show, including a question-and-answer session with audience members before the show. They showed some examples.

You can also watch live Colbert show a millennial how to use a phone booth, and in a nod to Thanksgiving, Colbert took a wild turn on the Butterball turkey hotline. Watch below. Peter Weber

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