Late Night Tackles Climate Change
May 8, 2019

"A U.N. report this week warned that one million species are threatened with extinction because of human activity, most notably climate change," Seth Meyers said on Tuesday's Late Night. "But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sees an upside," saying in a speech that the melting of Arctic sea ice presents "new opportunities for trade" and faster travel. "That's like being excited that your house burned down because now you can see your pool from the driveway," Meyers said.

Besides, "aren't trade routes more of an issue for the secretary of commerce? But Wilbur Ross looks so old he probably misses the days when the fastest way from Asia to North America was by land bridge," Meyers joked. "And hey! Hoping for a disaster so you can make money off it isn't a plan for climate change, it's literally the plot of The Producers."

Melting Arctic ice "will be very good for the kayak industry, but everyone else is screwed," Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. "The Trump administration has done everything they can to do nothing about climate change. They just don't listen to the scientists — a lot of people don't, not just when it comes to climate change. Scientific fact is suddenly seen as some kind of partisan scare tactic, and it endangers all of us. So one major celebrity is spearheading a new initiative to raise awareness of this foray into ignorance." That celebrity would be George Clooney — and ABC bleeped out all his expletives in his PSA.

"One million species are in danger of going extinct," Trevor Noah marveled at The Daily Show. "That's so many deaths, you know? Even the creators of Game of Thrones would be like, 'Gees, guys, pump the brakes.'" He tried to find some upsides to the likely mass extinction, and later lauded Chance the Rapper for championing a cause that's actually attainable — sorry, Clooney. Watch below. Peter Weber

March 28, 2019

During a debate about the Green New Deal in the Senate on Tuesday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) "offered a novel solution to global warming" — babies — Stephen Colbert said skeptically on Wednesday's Late Show. "I like babies, I've made babies, some of my best friends were once babies. But getting married and making babies is a solution to all our problems at all times and in all places?" He tried the theory out in a hypothetical auto repair shop.

"Lee's justification for his baby theory made much more sense ... to no one," but "that baby picture wasn't Lee's only tool of taxpayer-funded prop comedy," Colbert said, showing some highlights of Lee's fanciful presentation.

It wasn't all bad, though. "Lee's speech was inspiring in one way," he said. Rep. "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted about Lee: 'If that guy can be senator, you can do anything.' Damn! Maybe it's good that sea levels are rising, because Mike Lee's gonna need some water for that burn." Also, Colbert added, Lee's "very innovative use of visual aids from pop culture and science fiction" inspired him to try a similar style of persuasion ... to make a point about Lee. It is short, fairy brutal, and you can watch it below. Peter Weber

February 21, 2019

The Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) has gotten a lot of blowback and mockery from conservatives, and Kermit the Frog was puzzled by one bizarre critique on Wednesday's Late Show. "It's not easy being green," he sang. "People think you want to outlaw cows and other things." Kermit got in a little dig at President Trump — "So from one puppet to another, please give green a chance" — before things turned a little dark at the end. Watch below. Peter Weber

February 14, 2019

Who's afraid of the Green New Deal? The Daily Show knows.

The Green New Deal, "introduced by Republicans' wet nightmare Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez," is "very ambitious," Samantha Bee said on Wednesday's Full Frontal. It "proposes making America carbon-neutral by 2030, overhauling transportation systems, implementing a universal jobs program," and other tenets (real and NSFW-imaginary.) But the idea behind it shouldn't be controversial, she said. "An overwhelming number of experts agree we only have about 12 years to stop climate change from devastating our planet," and "'It's too expensive and too hard' isn't a reason not to save the world, it's a reason not to have a destination wedding."

Still, even though the Green New Deal is "just a nonbinding resolution, the right is already delightedly inventing a future eco-dystopia," Bee said. "As usual, the loudest criticism is coming from Fox News."

Yes, Fox News treats Ocasio-Cortez like "what would happen if Stalin was good at Instagram," Trevor Noah said at The Daily Show. But the Green New Deal really does contain "a lot of major issues for a climate change plan to solve. ... Apparently it's also going to give everyone a job, and health care, and free education, and provide affordable housing, and get your parents back together?"

Most of the plan tackles climate change, though, and "Ocasio-Cortez is right that the U.S. needs to take drastic measures to prevent climate change's worst effects," Noah said. "Of course, over at Fox News, as soon as they heard 'Cortez' and 'climate change,' sirens started going off like bin Laden just emerged from the ocean carrying Aquaman's trident. ... There are enough real questions about the Green New Deal for conservatives to take issue with, but I guess it's more fun to scare America into thinking it's about to become a vegan North Korea." Since there's "clearly a generation divide" on the Green New Deal, Noah asked Senior Youth Correspondent Jaboukie Young-White for his thoghts. Watch below. Peter Weber

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