May Day
April 29, 2020

This Friday, employees from several major U.S. corporations are staging a mass strike, and asking customers to join in by boycotting their employers.

As the coronavirus pandemic rolls on, workers have chosen May 1, International Workers' Day, to walk out of their jobs at Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart, Walmart, Target, and Shipt, demanding improvements in paid leave, protective gear, and hazard pay, reports Vice News.

This comes after Instacart turned its first profit as the pandemic has led to increased demand for grocery delivery, The Information reported.

Target employee Adam Ryan told Vice, "We want to shut down industry across the board and push back with large numbers against the right-wing groups that want to risk our lives by reopening the economy."

Other strikes are also planned for May 1, including student protests and rent strikes. Ties between May Day and labor rights activism were born in the U.S. during the Industrial Revolution as workers were dying from poor conditions and long hours.

"May Day is the day you don't go to work or buy things or pay rent," Vanessa Bain, a lead organizer of the Instacart walkout, told Vice. "To consumers, we're saying: 'Don't buy from these companies on May 1. Don't empower them with your dollars.'" Taylor Watson

April 30, 2018

Amber Rudd, a key ally of British Prime Minister Theresa May, resigned as home secretary on Sunday, saying she had "inadvertently misled" Parliament about immigration policy. On Wednesday, Rudd — who oversees immigration, police, and counter-terrorism, among other portfolios — told Parliament that the Home Office did not have specific targets for deporting illegal immigrants, a claim contradicted by a January 2017 letter from Rudd to May published by The Guardian on Sunday.

Rudd had already been grappling for two weeks with the Windrush scandal, or the threatened wrongful deportation of up to 50,000 legal residents who were recruited from Jamaica and elsewhere in the West Indies between 1948 and 1973 to live in and help rebuild Britain after World War II. (One of the first ships the migrants arrived on was the Empire Windrush.) May was home minister during the period that most of the Windrush problems occurred, tied to her self-proclaimed "really hostile environment" for illegal (and some legal) immigrants. You can learn more about the scandal and how Rudd's departure is a setback for May in this CNN report:

Rudd, 54, is the fourth minister forced out of May's Cabinet in the past six months, after Sir Michael Fallon, Damian Green, and Priti Patel. Peter Weber

May 1, 2017

At May Day protests across the U.S. on Monday, demonstrators marched for the rights of immigrants, women, and workers, with many forgoing their day's pay in order to participate.

Tens of thousands of people made their way through downtown Los Angeles, carrying signs with messages like "No human is illegal!" More than 4,000 filled the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan, The New York Times reports, and in Homestead, Florida, 1,000 people, including many immigrant farmworkers, marched from a park to city hall. "Trump has pitted the U.S. working class against migrant workers and refugees, and so we must strive to create bridges, not bans or walls, to connect our struggles together," said representatives of the International Migrants Alliance. May Day marches, which typically focus on laborers, were also held in major cities around the world. Catherine Garcia

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