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January 16, 2013

President Obama's second inauguration is right around the corner. But even if that doesn't put you in a celebratory mood, you can still get in on the swag. For instance, this "I was anti-Obama before it was cool" T-shirt ($26.90) offers some ideal inaugural apparel for the trend-setting conservative. But you better place your order quick, because hating on the commander-in-chief is becoming the opinion du jour. Between the 2008 election and 2009 inauguration, Cafe Press' Obama T-shirt sales were 85 percent pro-Obama, and 15 percent anti-Obama. This time around, it's 55 percent pro and 45 percent anti. Hate 'em while they're hot! Lauren Hansen

August 21, 2012

Many Twilight fans are still distraught over the news that the soapy vampire saga's star, Kristen Stewart, cheated on her movie-and-real-life beau Robert Pattinson. Even Will Ferrell stepped in to comment, jokingly calling Stewart a "trampire" on Conan. And now that Ferrell's invented pejorative has gone viral, Twi-hards can make their case against K-Stew publicly by proudly proclaiming that "Kristen Stewart is a Trampire" with this T-shirt ($20.99). The Week Staff

July 19, 2012

As November nears, Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's business record at Bain Capital have become increasingly vicious. From accusing Romney of being a job-killing outsourcer to blasting him for allegedly lying about the specific dates of his tenure at the company, the battle over Bain has led some conservative pundits to urge Romney to fire back with "a full-throated defense of capitalism." And now, capitalists can show their love for cold, hard cash with this "I $ Bain Capital" tee ($23.95). The Week Staff

July 10, 2012

When conservative Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the Supreme Court's liberal wing to uphold nearly all of ObamaCare, many on the Right furiously accused the George W. Bush-appointed justice of being a traitor to his party. Among the loudest critics: Mercurial media mogul Glenn Beck, who quickly introduced a new item to his online store. The "Coward" tee ($30) puts a spin on the iconic Obama "Hope" poster, and gives Americans angry over the ObamaCare decision a way to tell the world exactly who they blame. The Week Staff

May 23, 2012

President Obama once famously said that his stance on gay marriage was "evolving." Or as The Onion waggishly put it, "Obama [struggled] with his position, his conscience saying, "Demand equality for gays now," and his poll numbers saying, "Wait for some more old withered bigots to die off first." In early May, Obama became the first president to officially endorse gay marriage. The New Yorker and Newsweek marked the milestone with rainbow covers, and now, fashionable Obama supporters can celebrate the watershed moment with this "Evolved" T-shirt ($22). The Week Staff

April 11, 2012

The suggestion that black Florida teen Trayvon Martin was shot dead in February by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman because Martin's hooded sweatshirt made him look like a criminal inspired a swift, angry backlash. Hundreds of thousands gathered in support of Martin at the Million Hoodie March, while Rep. Bobby Bush (D-Ill.) wore one while addressing Congress. The protest continues with this "Not a Threat!" hoodie ($48.35). The Week Staff

March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games snared a record-breaking $155 million in its opening weekend, largely thanks to an army of feverishly passionate fans who are positively obsessed with the hit-book-turned-blockbuster-movie. Unperturbed by the uninitiated who may be confused by ceaseless Team Peeta vs. Team Gale debates, opaque references to Girl on Fire Katniss Everdeen, or impenetrable terms like "The Reaping," snooty uber-fans can now display their preoccupation with this terse tee ($26.50): "It's a Hunger Games thing. You wouldn't understand." The Week Staff

February 29, 2012

After conservative presidential hopeful Rick Santorum branded Barack Obama a "snob" for suggesting that every American should have the chance to go to college, some of the president's backers began touting their man's supposed snootiness. "Call me a snob," says Jonathan Capehart at The Washington Post, "but I like my presidents to be forward-thinking leaders" who prioritize education. Obama fans have even taken to highlighting their stance with this "Here's to snobs!" campaign tee ($29.60). The Week Staff

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