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March 2, 2021

Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) apparently doesn't hold back against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in his new book — and one particularly brutal quote made the back cover.

The former Republican leader has a new memoir set to be published in April, and Punchbowl News on Tuesday revealed the back cover, which includes selected quotes about Cruz, former President Donald Trump, and more politicians.

Boehner is particularly unsparing when it comes to Cruz, though, saying in reference to the Texas senator, "There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless a--hole who thinks he is smarter than everyone else."

Another quote is about Trump, who Boehner says called him "fairly often" when he first became president, though not as much later in his term.

"The calls came in less and less as his tenure went on," Boehner writes. "That's probably because he got more comfortable in the job. But I also suspect he just got tired of me advising him to shut up."

Boehner also describes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) as someone who "holds his feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a lockbox," recalls House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) having "gutted" someone "like a halibut," and describes an unnamed lawmaker who "dropped off the couch and was on his knees" on Boehner's rug with his hands "together in front of him as if he were about to pray" — apparently a story about former Republican lawmaker and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Axios previously reported that Boehner has been "going off script" while recording his audiobook, as when he reportedly at one point ad-libbed, "Oh, and Ted Cruz, go f-- yourself." Cruz hit back against Boehner's reported audiobook insult at CPAC, asking, "Who's John Boehner?" Prior to his audiobook dig, Boehner ripped Cruz in 2016 as "Lucifer in the flesh" and a "miserable son of a bitch." Brendan Morrow

August 20, 2020

Fox News' Sean Hannity might fawn over President Trump on the air, but according to a new report, he strikes a bit of a ... different ... tone in private.

An excerpt from CNN reporter Brian Stelter's book Hoax published by Vanity Fair on Thursday delves into the Fox News host's relationship with Trump, whom he frequently hosts on his show for prime-time interviews. Hannity is one of the network's most ardent Trump loyalists, but Stelter quotes an associate as saying that when he's not on the air, he "would tell you, off-off-off the record, that Trump is a bats--- crazy person."

A friend of Hannity's similarly told Stelter, "Hannity has said to me more than once, 'he's crazy.'"

The excerpt also describes Hannity in a position where he has "counseled Trump at all hours of the day," and is even treated by Trump "like Melania," which has reportedly taken a "toll" on the Fox News host. Early on in the Trump administration, Hannity reportedly "gained weight and vaped incessantly" possibly due to "Trump-related stress," telling one colleague, "If you were hearing what I'm hearing, you'd be vaping too."

Should Trump catch a glimpse of this report, let's just say his latest interview with Hannity, reportedly set to take place on Thursday evening, might end up being a bit awkward. Read the full excerpt at Vanity Fair. Brendan Morrow

June 19, 2019

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough went ballistic during a Morning Joe segment on Wednesday, demanding congressional testimony from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a fiery rant.

Scarborough interviewed Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, on Wednesday's show and discussed whether Mueller will testify before Congress. Mueller in a statement last month said that he does not wish to speak about his investigation further and would not provide any new information were he to testify.

"I want to know why Robert Mueller thinks he's above coming to Capitol Hill and testifying for Americans," Scarborough said. "It's outrageous!"

Scarborough then turned his outrage to House Democrats, asking Himes, "Why don't you subpoena him? This is absolutely ridiculous! ... You guys can't get him on Capitol Hill to talk? And he's too high and mighty to get on Capitol Hill and talk?"

Scarborough continued his rant while Himes said nothing at all, imploring Democrats to subpoena testimony from Mueller even if that's only going to involve Mueller reading from the report. "Millions and millions of dollars were paid for your report," Scarborough imagined a lawmaker saying to Mueller. "Not everybody, Bob, is going to read it! So you read it for them!” By the end of this rant, Scarborough found himself getting so worked up that he began to laugh while throwing his newspaper off camera.

When Himes finally chimed in, Scarborough wasn't satisfied with his answers, pushing back when the House Democrat said Mueller's testimony will happen but in private. Scarborough took to Twitter after this segment to joke about the insertion of this rant into the interview with Himes, sarcastically complaining that the lawmaker was "a little talkative." Watch a portion of Scarborough's rant below. Brendan Morrow

March 29, 2019

President Trump's post-Mueller rally was celebrated on Fox News as a "gloat-fest" over his "slain enemies." MSNBC presented a slightly different take.

In a Morning Joe segment on Friday per The Wrap, regular guest Donny Deutsch brutally went after Trump's physical appearance in response to the president labeling House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) a "pencil neck."

"He's just disgusting to look at. He’s obese," Deutsch said of Trump while saying he wishes the producers would put up a picture of the president "from behind" to make that point clearer. "He's one of the most repulsive physically looking human beings I’ve ever seen."

Even for hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, this went a little too far, with Brzezinski calling his comment "not necessary." But Scarborough's take on the rally was brutal in its own way, with the host saying Trump looked "sad and pathetic" at the rally and was "swinging wildly" because he's a "cornered man" who looks "smaller and weaker by the day." Brendan Morrow

February 19, 2019

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) got candid during an interview Tuesday with CBS News, saying President Trump is "pretty weak" going into the 2020 election, and other Republicans who will be on a ballot should take notice.

While Hogan thinks Trump will likely stave off any Republican primary challengers, because of his low poll numbers, the odds of Trump "losing a general election are pretty good. I'm not saying he couldn't win, but he's pretty weak in the general election." If he "weakens further," Hogan added, Republican elected officials will have to ask themselves if he is "going to take the rest of us down with him."

Hogan is the governor of a blue state, and was re-elected in November. Some anti-Trump Republicans have been trying to get him to take on Trump in 2020, but he thinks that would be "very difficult. Nobody has successfully challenged a sitting president in the same party in a primary since 1884." Catherine Garcia

February 15, 2019

Ann Coulter is taking her criticism of President Trump to the next level following his national emergency declaration, with the conservative commentator declaring Friday, "the country is over."

Coulter hammered Trump in a Friday interview with KABC after he announced he would sign Congress' funding deal and declare a national emergency. "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot," she said, per Mediaite. She also fumed that Trump is just "fooling the rubes" with this national emergency declaration.

The root of Coulter's criticism isn't that Trump is bypassing Congress, as she argued that Trump never needed Congress to build the wall at all. Instead, she suggested the president is actually "hoping" the national emergency declaration will just be blocked by the courts "because for some reason, he really doesn't want to build the wall."

On Twitter, Coulter said that responsibility for the border wall deal, which the president has said he is unhappy with, is "100% his," and she responded to Trump saying in his press conference that he barely knows Coulter by writing, "THANK YOU, Mr. President for admitting that your total capitulation on campaign promises has nothing to do with me."

Don't expect this criticism from Coulter to slow down anytime soon, considering she told KABC that she is "going to spend the rest of my columns denouncing the president, for the rest of my life." Brendan Morrow

January 2, 2019

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn't holding back.

Reid, who retired from the Senate in 2017 after three decades, told The New York Times in an interview published Wednesday that he thinks President Trump is "without question the worst president we've ever had," adding that while the U.S. has "had some bad ones," there is "not even a close second to him." Reid called Trump "amoral," claimed he has "no conscience," and called him someone who you "can't reason with" who will "lie" and "cheat."

The former senator from Nevada additionally expressed bewilderment that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who he worked with in the Senate, put up with Trump for so long. "Why in the hell didn't Sessions leave?” Reid asked. “Same with [former White House Chief of Staff John] Kelly. I'd say, 'Go screw yourself.' I could not look my children in the eye."

Reid was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. "As soon as you discover you have something on your pancreas, you're dead," Reid said of the diagnosis. Despite his deteriorating health, there seems to be a part of Reid that wishes he was still fighting in Washington. Reid's former chief of staff noted, "I think he misses it, definitely." Read more at The New York Times. Brendan Morrow

July 14, 2018

Being surrounded by people chanting "no Trump" and "racist USA" is probably not how President Trump envisioned his relaxing day of golf.

Trump arrived in Scotland on Saturday, on the last leg of his trip to the U.K. before he heads to Helsinki for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The president was met with thousands of demonstrators who protested as he played golf at the Trump Turnberry resort.

An estimated 9,000 people showed up for the third straight day of protests against Trump's U.K. visit, reports BBC. The controversial golf course was ringed with protesters who made their message loud and clear — the Trump baby balloon made an appearance, and police said they were still looking for a paraglider who entered a no-fly zone over the resort, flying a banner that read "Trump Well Below Par."

The president additionally came under fire for describing his golf course as "magical" and "incredible," which some watchdogs called an unethical "infomercial" for his own business, The New York Times reports. First lady Melania Trump and Eric Trump are also with the president at Turnberry. Trump said that he would depart tomorrow for Helsinki. Summer Meza

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