The Donalds
June 17, 2015

Donald Trump's long-awaited presidential announcement on Tuesday was a godsend for late-night pundits, who have already begun to sharpen their impressions of The Donald. But just because Stephen Colbert is in between late-night gigs doesn't mean he's going to wait to pile on America's favorite alleged billionaire with a comb-over.

"Oh yeah, I'm really rich. Really! And I'm not ashamed of it," Colbert brags in his best Trumpian accent. The best part, though, is that that line isn't even that far off from what Trump actually said about his wealth. Colbert spends the six-minute clip perfectly parodying Trump's announcement, at one point even literally frothing at the mouth:

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert debuts on September 8, and if it includes more silly and twisted impressions like this, we'll surely be watching. Samantha Rollins

June 3, 2014

On Monday night's Late Show, David Letterman asked Donald Trump if he knows fellow rich guy Donald Sterling. The answer is yes, kind of. "I do know him, yes," Trump told Letterman, before backtracking a bit. "I mean, I've seen him.... I don't know him well. He's turned out to be... not so hot — what a total disaster." Yet Trump was impressed that Sterling is walking away from owning the Los Angeles Clippers with $2 billion, when the team, in Trump's estimate, is worth maybe $900 million, tops. And that's a good point: Sterling is a national disgrace, but who's laughing now? Sterling, maybe. Trump, definitely. --Peter Weber

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