The Majority Whip
September 10, 2014

The Canadian Senate had a most unusual sight on Wednesday: A hearing on prostitution, in which a riding crop–brandishing dominatrix threatened that unless sex work is legalized, she would name a great number of politicians who have frequented the services of sex workers.

The witness was Terri-Jean Bedford, who won a lawsuit at Canada's Supreme Court last December to overturn the country's existing prostitution laws. The hearing was to explore potential legislation to again render prostitution illegal.

Cracking a riding crop, the leather-clad Bedford had explained there were many "levels of choice" — due to poverty and financial need — that drove people [to] enter the sex trade. Then Bedford had this warning: "I'd also like to say if this law passes, I'm going to make you guys forget about Mike Duffy, because I've got more information and more proof on politicians in this country than you can shake a stick at. I promise." [The Toronto Star]

Some context: Mike Duffy is a member of the Canadian Senate who has been at the center of an expenses scandal that has tarred the governing Conservative Party. Thus, Bedford was essentially threatening to divulge information that would make the Duffy scandal seem like nothing by comparison. Soon afterward, she was ejected from the hearing for being continually disruptive.

Back out in the hallway, The Star reports, Bedford was asked whether she knew of any compromised current members of Parliament. Her answer: "What do you think?"

Watch the video below, courtesy of CBC News. --Eric Kleefeld

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