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September 29, 2020

You've got to hand it to North Carolina — they have some truly scrumptious scandals down in the Tar Heel State.

Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham found himself in hot water on Monday night after tweeting a photo of himself standing next to a gas grill, spatula in hand as he apparently readied hot dogs and hamburgers. "There's nothing better than BBQ — except for winning this Senate seat, of course," he wrote as a caption.

But North Carolinians quickly took issue with the fact that "the tweet itself appears to suggest, wrongly, that barbecue can be made on a gas grill, or worse, that grilling falls within the realm of barbecue," explains the Raleigh-based News & Observer. Sure enough, Cunningham was soon the target of many angry foodies online:

Sure enough, the North Carolina GOP even issued a statement, slamming Cunningham by writing, "In North Carolina, we have Eastern BBQ and Western BBQ but neither involves a spatula, hot dog buns or gas grills. Cunningham is an elitist trial lawyer, and this BBQ gaffe demonstrates that he is out of touch with North Carolina voters who actually know what North Carolina BBQ is."

Cunningham, a native of Lexington, quickly backtracked, telling The News & Observer that he would never mix up grilling with barbecuing. "No self-respecting son of Lexington would ever do that," he emphasized, claiming he'd only used the term because he was showing off his new campaign swag, an apron which reads — perhaps now rather audaciously — "Ambassador for North Carolina BBQ." Jeva Lange

April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz erroneously called a basketball hoop a "ring" on Tuesday night, prompting at least one b-ball fan to set him straight:

Sarah Palin — who is a Donald Trump supporter — included photos from when she was the starting point guard on Wasilla High School's basketball team. Adding salt to the wound, Trump is set to announce an endorsement from renowned Hoosiers coach Bobby Knight this afternoon, Politico reports.

Another basketball-obsessed politician, Bernie Sanders, has yet to issue his own retort. Jeva Lange

October 10, 2014

In July, after watching a Shakespeare in the Park production of King Lear, public radio icon Ira Glass sent out a tweet:

That apparently sparked what passes in polite NPR society for a raging controversy. On Wednesday night's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon gave Glass a chance to explain his "Shakespeare sucks" comment, and Glass... mumbled something about how Lear is better to read than to watch. But keep with the video through Glass expressing sympathy for any kid who has to wear the "Ira Glass" costume out trick-or-treating. --Peter Weber

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