Tornado Alley
October 21, 2019

A tornado cut a miles-long path of destruction through northern Dallas on Sunday night, hitting the regional airport Love Field and the towns of Richardson and Garland. The city of Dallas said early Monday that there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries, The Dallas Morning News reports, but several structures were flattened by the tornado, including a Home Depot, and first responders are going door to door in some areas. KXAS meteorologist Rick Mitchell said the tornado may have traveled 17 miles, though the damage may not be continuous.

"It was exactly one tornado that hit at 9:02 p.m.," said meteorologist David Roth of the National Weather Service, and it was a powerful one. "We also saw golfball- and baseball-sized hail in some areas and a narrow swath of north Dallas that got between 1 to 3 inches of rain." More than 175,000 people lost power. Nevertheless, several people threw caution to the wind, capturing the nocturnal tornado on their cellphones and uploading the video to social media.

And this is what the results of that wind funnel looks like on the ground.

Anecdotally, some TV stations decided against warning viewers about the tornado and instead continued broadcasting the Dallas Cowboys game against division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles uninterrupted. (To be fair, the Cowboys won 37-10, ending a three-game slump and taking the lead in the NFC East.) Officials will have a better grasp of the damage when the sun rises Monday morning. Peter Weber

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