Trump versus Bear
February 24, 2020

Most permits to hunt bears, caribou, moose, and other animals in Alaska require a lucky draw in a state lottery, but it apparently takes a special kind of person to trophy-hunt grizzly bears in Alaska's remote Seward Peninsula. Among the three people who bid for and won those permits on Friday was Donald Trump Jr., avid trophy hunter and son of the president. Twenty-four of the Nome-era grizzly tags went unclaimed, according to Eddie Grasser, the wildlife conservation director for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Trump has taken several hunting trips to Alaska, and along with his expedition to kill a grizzly bear, he plans to return later this year to shoot deer and ducks, Reuters reports. Trump was also the $150,000 prize at a Safari Club raffle this month; one lucky winner is going on a seven-day "dream hunt" expedition with Don Jr. on a yacht up along the Tongass National Forest in November.

President Trump's first interior minister appointed several Safari Club members friendly with Don Jr. to a government board that then advised relaxing restrictions on bear hunting in Alaska. Peter Weber

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