a message to you Rudy
July 26, 2018

It wasn't that long ago that Michael Cohen was still President Trump's personal lawyer and fixer, and for that reason, Rudy Giuliani might want to stop calling him a lying liar who has always lied.

Giuliani is Trump's new attorney, and he appeared on CNN Thursday night right after the network reported that people with knowledge of the matter said Cohen is telling people he was there when Trump learned in advance about a meeting his son, Donald Trump Jr., was going to have in Trump Tower in June 2016 with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Trump, his legal team, and his spokespeople have denied he knew about the meeting before it happened, and Giuliani told CNN's Chris Cuomo that Cohen "has lied all his life." He's a "person who is found to be an incredible liar," Giuliani continued, who has "a tremendous motive to lie now."

As CNN's Jake Tapper pointed out on Twitter, if Cohen is a raging liar, it's been on behalf of his employer, and during his time with Trump, he was not only his personal lawyer, but at one time or another also a vice president of the Trump Organization, a board member of the Eric Trump Foundation, and co-president of Trump Entertainment. Catherine Garcia

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