a summit of his own
July 11, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden in a speech on Thursday will describe his foreign policy agenda and announce a planned summit of democratic nations that would be convened during his first year in office as president, Politico reports.

This summit would be called with the goal of trying to "refocus on our common purpose," an official told Politico, following what the official described as President Trump's "assaults on our own democracy" which have "deeply tarnished our ability to lead." The former vice president also intends to invite technology and social media companies to the summit, with the official saying that he wants these companies to commit to "make our democracy more resilient."

This speech in New York will come on the afternoon that President Trump is holding his own social media summit at the White House, although officials from Twitter and Facebook were not invited; the invitation list consists instead of numerous conservative provocateurs and extremists, CNN reports. Trump, who last month claimed that Twitter is intentionally making it difficult for people to follow him, on Thursday tweeted that this summit is "very big and very important" and will focus on supposed "dishonesty, bias, discrimination, and suppression practiced by certain companies." Brendan Morrow

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