battleground showdown
August 22, 2016

In the crucial swing state of Colorado, Donald Trump's Jefferson County campaign is being run by someone who is too young to vote … or even drive. Weston Imer, 12, in in charge of organizing volunteers in the county, which is part of the Denver metro area and has a population of about 552,000.

"Get involved," Imer told KMOV of his role. "That's what I'm going to say. Get involved. Kids need to be educated." Imer's mother, Laurel Imer, is the campaign's field coordinator on paper, although she wants to show other parents that "you have a responsibility to your children to teach them."

Hillary Clinton is up nearly 11 points on Trump in Colorado, according to the current Real Clear Politics average. She leads with 46.4 percent to Trump's 35.6 percent. Jeva Lange

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