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August 13, 2020

Officials are warning that the worst of the coronavirus is definitely not over.

"The fall could be incredibly gruesome," Yale School of Medicine epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves told Politico on Thursday. COVID-19 is still spreading rapidly, and coupled with colder weather that will push people indoors and coincide with flu season, it could make for an entirely new round of brutal months.

Gonsalves said he didn't understand why the Trump administration didn't take advantage of the summer months to tamp down on swirling outbreaks. Squandering this key period means the country is in no better shape than it was a few months ago when the initial spike slowly began to flatten. "Somebody's going to have to explain it to me, 10 years from now, why they would make all these bad choices," Gonsalves said.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield, meanwhile, says "this could be the worst fall from a public health perspective we've ever had." He urged Americans to wear masks and socially distance.

On Wednesday, the U.S. reported 1,493 coronavirus deaths, the highest single-day total since mid-May. Despite the increasingly grim outlook, Politico reports the Trump administration is feeling good. "Aides are increasingly assured about their response — feeling like they're finally getting a handle on how to fight the disease," the report reads. But one anonymous senior Republican said "I don't feel like they kind of know what 'under control' would look like." Summer Meza

April 28, 2017

With the help of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Gwyneth Paltrow is going to transform her lifestyle blog, Goop, into a quarterly print publication. The "collectible edition" magazine, which will also be called Goop, is set to hit newsstands in September.

The magazine will be co-produced by Goop the blog and Condé Nast, the parent company of Vogue. Goop noted most of the editorial content would be "original and produced by Goop," with Condé Nast stepping in for support on "artistic" aspects. That should leave Paltrow plenty of room to expand on her ideas from her blog about downing detox juices, using jade eggs to increase "vaginal muscle tone," and wearing $370 necklaces designed to look like miniature gold butts.

The magazine will cover the blog's most popular sections, including fitness, cooking, travel, and mindfulness. Its content will also be featured on Paltrow's blog and across Condé Nast's websites and social media accounts.

Wintour, who is also Condé Nast's artistic director, praised Paltrow for her "wonderful taste and vision," deeming Goop and Condé Nast to be "natural partners." Paltrow seems to agree. "Collaborating with her and Condé Nast on this multiplatform content partnership, anchored by Goop's emergence into a physical entity, was an opportunity for us to push our boundaries visually and deliver Goop's point of view to consumers in new, dynamic ways," Paltrow said. Becca Stanek

October 13, 2015

Donald Trump got up extra early on Tuesday to let everyone know he is ready to save the first Democratic debate of the 2016 presidential election. CNN is already bracing for tonight's ratings to be a fraction of the record-breaking Republican debate's, with experts saying the relatively small Democratic primary field and lack of a reality TV star in the running make the event less of a draw.

That's where Trump comes in:

He added in a second tweet that CNN ought to be informed that it's not the "Democratic Debate, rather the Democrat (s) D!"

While Trump acts as if he's been cajoled into the public service of live-tweeting the debate, other Republicans are also trying to keep the spotlight on themselves Tuesday: Rand Paul, for example, is going to live stream his entire day. But for those planning to watch the debate regardless, at least there are now options for livening it up: Trump or, if that's not your cup of tea, you could always resort to a drinking game. Jeva Lange

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